BATER lead acid batteries OPzS: Perfect, Optima, OPzS Block for standby application

BATER is a manufacturer of complete stationary lead acid batteries with positive tubular plate OPzS type with life of more than 20 years for standby application.We manufacture OPzS cells and stands to the batteries, using the latest technological developments. The development of more than 100 years of production technology of a SLA battery led to a product characterized by very long life, reliability and low cost. By using the recombination plug patented by BATER the need for water refill in the cell has been virtually eliminated, which significantly reduced maintenance costs. In places, where the highest level of reliability of power load is needed, SLA batteries with tubular plates OPzS are irreplaceable. Batteries are delivered to a user in charged version after a test of capacity taken by the manufacturer.

Advantages of classic batteries compared to VRLA

  • considerably longer life,
  • the possibility of electrolyte supplementing (no phenomenon of drying),
  • easy diagnostics because of the access to the electrolyte,
  • lower failure frequency,