BATER standard recombination plug RecPlug1 for OPzS and SOPzS batteries

BATER is the manufacturer of recombination plug. BATER’s solution is characterized by a simple, reliable construction. Placement of the recombination device directly within the gas-containing portion of the battery in such a way as to enable a flow of gasses through the catalytic and absorptive deposits effectively eliminates the flow of gasses from the battery into the atmosphere.  Such construction significantly improves safety associated with battery use, preventing, under normal conditions, the flow of gas into the immediate surroundings, thus eliminating the risk of ignition and the need for water refilling. BATER recombination plug is covered by patent number P362719. The device is economical from both an installation and a maintenance perspective.



Construction and operation principles.

When using lead acid battery as a result of electrolysis of an aqueous electrolyte solution are separated hydrogen and oxygen. These gases in air may form explosive mixtures. Additionally the electrolysis reduces the amount of water in the electrolyte, which must be relatively frequently replenish in the battery. The conversion of hydrogen and oxygen in steam is an exothermic process. The heat emitted during the recombination process inside the sealed battery significantly accelerates the degradation of the lead electrodes immersed in an electrolyte. Therefore, the process is preferably carried away from the recombination with the electrodes, thus increasing the life of the entire battery. Water vapor then condenses on the walls of plug. After cooling, as the water flows back into the battery. Recombination plug reduces maintenance the frequency of replenishing the electrolyte level in the battery and increases the safety of the battery in areas with limited ventilation.

Means features

  • LIFETIME –  more than 20 years. Classic batteries with recombination plug have much longer life than VRLA batteries, in which it is not possible to refill water.
  • SAFETY– increased safety of operation of cells with fluid electrolyte (electrolyte fumes and poisonous gases do not leak from the battery into the immediate surroundings). None of the gases capable of causing explosions are released into the surrounding area.
  • ECONOMY– significantly reduced the frequency of water refilling (12-15 years topping-up interval), recombination plugs are optimized to work in full lifetime of the battery. Reduced need for ventilation; battery rooms equipped with cells using recombination plugs require less ventilation.
  • FLEXIBLE – the ability to match amount of plugs to specific capacity of batteries.

Application requirments.

For appropriate operation  of  recombination plug the cell must be  properly sealed .  Special construction of  pillars’ grommets and precise gluing of lids – confirmed with pressure test – causeshat recombination plugs  are  excellently working with SLA  BATER  cells (OPzS and SOPzS).

Dimensions and technical parameters

ApplicationStandard recombination plug typeCell capacity
Qnom [Ah]
Max charging voltage
Diamiter A
Diamiter B
Diamiter C
Height H1
Height H2
OPzSRecPlug1-500up to 5002,42440538011
OPzSRecPlug1-1000up to 8002,424405311011


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