Battery tray monitor Smart Blinky

Smart Blinky Tray Monitor is a sensor used to monitor the presence of electrolyte in the battery tray (battery box).

When cleaning the battery or adding water to the cells, there is a high probability that the corrosive electrolyte will get into the battery box or between the cells. This can happen when the water is added to the battery at the wrong time (e.g. refilling the water through battery filling system just before charging the battery).

The liquid that gets to the bottom of the box is highly corrosive and in extreme cases may cause corrosion and the need to replace the box. If such damage occurs, fluid often seeps into roller tables, floors and forklifts, causing further costly damage. Furthermore,  if the operator comes in contact with the electrolyte, it might result with a serious injury.

It’s easy to avoid these problems by cleaning up electrolyte leaks as soon as they occur – but how will we know if there’s fluid at the bottom of the battery box until a hole appears or the cells start to “grow”?

Philadelphia Scientific solved this problem by adapting market-leading SmartBlinky technology to indicate when the electrolyte is at the bottom of the box – potentially saving thousands of dollars in repairs, replacements, employee compensations, shutdowns and cleaning costs.

Thanks to its super bright flashing indicator, the SmartBlinky Tray Monitor provides clear notifications to battery users to remove electrolyte from the box as soon as possible.


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