ESS Electrolyte Stirring System

ESS (Electrolyte Stirring System) extends battery life, significantly reduces operating costs and increases its availability. All of PzS and PzB traction cells (wet lead acid cells) manufactured by BATER have the possibility of mounting ESS. Mixing electrolyte in the cells is enforced by admission of air flow to the bottom of the cells. Air flow, powered by a pneumatic pump placed in rectifier, gets to every battery cell through the system of flexible pipes.


ESS features

  • central connection via power plug
  • air supply to every cell by a system of flexible PVC pipes.

Advantages of ESS system

  • shortening charging time up to 30%,
  • increasing charging efficiency,
  • increasing the availability of battery,
  • extending the battery life,
  • reduction of operating costs,
  • reduction of water consumption,
  • reduction of operational requirements,
  • reduction of charging factor,
  • reduction of charging temperature and gas emission.


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