Stands for OPzS and SOPzS batteries

Bater is a manufacturer of all types of corrosion resistant stands for classic OPzS and SOPzS batteries. The stands are made of square tube and covered with polyethylene by fluidization. We design housing in accordance with customer’s documentation or carry out our own project individually according to the target room dimension.


Stand specifications

  • Purpose: to put together any type of battery cells on one or more levels.
  • Construction: made of closed metal profiles. Produced sets are fully welded.
  • Corrosion protection: protected against electrolyte by a coating made of high quality polyethylene thicker than 1 mm, immersed in fluidized bed reactor on our modern technological line.
  • Resistance to electrostatic short circuit above 7kV.
  • Separation from the ground: insulators made of ABS plastic with adjustable height.
  • Location of cells/blocks: on carrier brackets, which spacing can be adjusted to their width. Versatile design of stands enables the use of additional stands brackets for cells of more than 200kg.

Special structures:

Due to our production technology we can manufacture stands and other supporting structures according to individual customer requirements or specification.

Single-row stands

Double-row stands


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