Traction cells

BATER is a Polish producer of the highest quality acid traction cells with PzB and PzS positive tubular plates, manufactured in BATER plant in Gliwice. We manufacture traction cells in accordance with DIN standards (81 PzS cell types with capacity ranging from 110Ah to 1550Ah) and BS (81 types of PzB cells with capacity ranging from 46Ah to 1050Ah).

Key features of PzS and PzB acid cell batteries are:

  • Long life of 1500 cycles in accordance with IEC 254-1 standards, guaranteed by using the highest quality materials and latest manufacturing technology,
  • Low internal resistance value thanks to the use of the highest quality components (including separators) of reputable global producers,
  • low self-discharge resulting from the use for the production the best components (including tubular gountlets) of the world’s leading manufacturers and special alloys,
  • high level of safety and mechanical resistance,
  • cell containers produced by the leading European manufacturer are made of polypropylene resistant to high and low temperature.

BATER batteries have a HIGH DEGREE OF EFFICIENCY, as a consequence:

  • We extend battery life by minimizing energy losses generated during battery operation,
  • we shorten charging time increasing the availability of a battery, thus, reducing the cost of charging a battery,
  • we lower operating costs.

In our cells we use produced in BATER plant in Gliwice:

  • positive tubular plates manufactured ​​with best wet filling technology,
  • negative plates placed in envelope separator to prevent active mass loss.

Principal advantages of the new technology used to manufacture tubular plates are: significant improvement in main parameters of cells, such as capacity, better cyclic operation, increased resistance to deep discharge and longer life. What is more, the new technology provides lower consumption of lead – the main raw material used to manufacture lead acid cells.

Modern machinery (Hadi, Wirtz) and the crew composed of the best experts guarantee the highest quality of manufactured products.