Batteries producer, manufacturer – Bater

Bater Ltd is a renowned producer of traction batteries and stationary batteries.The company was established in 1990 and is characterized by the cutting-edge attitude to the quality of provided products and services. The organization has two plants — in Gliwice — the plant where the dry cells are produced and Warsaw (battery racks production, recombination plugs production, assembly, warehouse and a headquarter of the company). A versatile experience and a profound understanding of the needs of our clients has enabled us to carve out our own unique niche in the field of battery. In general, the scope of our business operations encompasses producing and providing traction batteries suitable for differentiated purposes, OPzS Stationary batteries traction PzS and PzB cells, polyethylen-coated trays, recombination plugs as well as battery stands. The fact that we are the sole batteries producer on Polish market that produces and complete products — cells, battery trays and stands is the reason why we are perceived as a reliable partner by our customers.

Obviously, apart from production and sales of traction or stationary batteries and cells, we strive to deliver the versatile range of related services in order to meet the demand that results from the obvious needs of our customers. To put it precisely, we are legally entitled to gather and transport recycle batteries and accumulators. What is more, we perform duties connected with restoration and construction in battery rooms. Our technical personnel excels at delivering professional services of impeccable quality to various clients. Last but not least, the highest standards of our work as batteries producer are confirmed with recognized certificates ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14001:2005 as well as affirmed in the numerous testimonials of our clients.

Bater Ltd. main activities are:

    • Production and sale of:

– traction cells and batteries,
– stationary cells and batteries for reserve power,
– cyclic stationary cells and batteries for solar, wind and water power plants,
– recombination plugs for stationary wet batteries.

  • Assembly and disassembly of traction and stationary batteries throughout Poland.
  • Renovation in battery rooms.
  • Battery recycling.
  • Professional  traction and stationary batteries  service throughout Poland,
  • Sale of specialized equipment for maintenance of  batteries,
  • Sale of spare parts and additional devices (rectifiers, roller stands for exchange, etc.).
  • Coating metal with polyethylene using fluidization.
  • Plastic forming of sheets, professional locksmith and mechanical services .

We hold ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates which guarantee the most stringent standards of quality and environmental standards.