Enviromental protection

Side effect of civilization and technological development is an environmental pollution. After decades of technological expansion, the public began to recognize the need to protect land, water and air. In the modern functioning democracies, the problem of nature conservation has become a central issue pursued by the government and other specialized agencies.

BATTERY company acting in the lead-acid cell and battery industry complies with the provisions laid down in several acts. 

The Act defines the obligations incumbent upon the entities marketing of batteries and accumulators, and the responsibilities of end users. The requirement to comply with defined responsibilities due to environmental regulations.

The Act sets out rules for dealing with waste in a manner that ensures the protection of human health and the environment in accordance with the principle of sustainable development, in particular the principle of waste prevention or reduction of waste and its environmental impact and waste recovery or disposal. Lead metal with which the public derive electricity for industry, telecommunications, health care, etc.. should be, because of its toxicity and odpornorności degradation, death metal group.


BATTERY company encourages efforts to take seriously the issues of environmental protection. We are a company marketing a business industrial batteries and accumulators. We are committed to organize the collection, processing and recycling of waste batteries and accumulators. Our customers are informed about the law, under which the end user is obliged to transfer waste batteries and industrial batteries authorized entity. We promote selective waste collection methods. Do not leave customers with hazardous waste themselves. By providing a new battery, free of charge receive hazardous waste.