Bater Ltd

BATER Ltd, on Polish market since 1990, is a Polish manufacturer and provider of traction batteries for electric forklift trucks, platform trucks of all types, OPzS stationary batteries, recombination plugs, polyethylene-coated trays and battery stands. As the only company on Polish market, BATER is a manufacturer of complete  batteries – it manufactures both cells and battery trays and stands. We produce traction and stationary cells with a positive tubular plate and  trays and stands for batteries based on the latest technologies, using the most modern machines.

BATER consists of 2 plants:


BATER-Gliwice plant was founded in 2007 after taking over 100% shares of ELMAR-BATERIE – the battery factory in Gliwice with 30 years of tradition. At the turn of 2010/2011 a complete modernization was carried out as the part of the project called “Launching the innovative technological line for the production of lead-acid cells,” OPIE 4.3 “The Technological credit.”

The plant produces:

  • PzS and PzB acid traction cells for electric forklift and platform trucks,
  • OPzS acid stationary cells, which account for emergency power sources for hospitals, telecommunications, military, energy, rail, air and are used for energy storage in solar and hybrid power plants.

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In 2008 was given to use a newly built Hall for Production Facility where are manufactured metal products covered with polyethylene coatings using fluidizing anticorrosion method.

The plant produces:

  • trays and stands for all types of batteries,
  • more than 1800 types of traction batteries using PzS and PzB cells manufactured by BATER-Gliwice and trays of BATER-Warsaw production,
  • 120 types of stationary batteries consisting of OPzS cells manufactured by BATER-Gliwice and stands produced by BATER-Warsaw

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Bater activities:

  • Production and sale of
    • PzS and PzB traction batteries,
    • PzS and PzB traction cells,
    • OPzS stationary batteries,
    • OPzS stationary cells.
  • Disassembly and recycling of batteries and accumulators – we have all necessary authorizations.
  • Assembly and disassembly of automotive and stationary batteries throughout Poland.
  • Renovation and construction works in battery rooms.
  • Professional  traction and stationary batteries  service throughout Poland.
  • Sale of specialized equipment for maintenance of the  batteries.
  • Sale of spare parts and additional devices (rectifiers, roller stands for exchange, etc.).
  • Coating metal with polyethylene using fluidization.
  • Plastic forming of sheets, professional locksmith and mechanical services .

BATER has the appropriate certificates for all products. Qualified technical staff provide clients with professional service. Internal quality system certified ISO 9001:2001, helps to ensure the highest quality of our products. ISO 14001:2005 certificate guarantees most stringent environmental standards.