Traction batteries for forklift and platform trucks

BATER is the only Polish producer that manufactures complete traction batteries for all types of forklift and platform trucks of companies such as: ATLET, BT/TOYOTA, HYSTER, JUNGHEINRICH, KOMATSU, LAFIS, LANSING, LARF, LINDE, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, PIMESPO, ROCLA, STEINBOCK, STILL, TCM/MITSUI OTHER.

To meet the expectations of customers we offer batteries for Polish and Bulgarian trucks with welded cell connectors at very attractive prices.

Our batteries are made of:

  • the highest quality PzS and PzB acid cells produced in BATER plant in Gliwice,
  • trays covered with polyethylene coatings of 100% corrosion resistance manufactured in BATER plant in Warsaw.

We manufacture complete series of types of automotive batteries in accordance with the following standards:

  • DIN – PzS cell and batteries with capacity ranging from 110Ah to 1550Ah,
  • BS – PzB cell and batteries with capacity ranging from 46Ah to 1050Ah.

Key features of PzS and PzB lead acid batteries are:

  • long life of 1500 cycles in accordance with IEC 254-1 standards, guaranteed by using the highest quality materials and latest manufacturing technology,
  • low internal resistance value thanks to the use of the highest quality components (including separators) of reputable global producers,
  • low self-discharge resulting from the use for the production the best components (including tubular pockets) of the world’s leading manufacturers and special alloys,
  • high level of safety and mechanical resistance,
  • cell containers produced by the leading European manufacturer are made of polypropylene resistant to high and low temperature,
  • polyethylene coating of trays applied by fluidization is resistant to shock, acid and any weather condition and provides protection against electrical shock,
  • the highest quality flexible connectors and screws connecting cells in the battery are fully insulated and provide full protection against short circuits.

BATER batteries have a HIGH DEGREE OF EFFICIENCY, as a consequence:

  • We extend battery life by minimizing energy losses generated during battery operation,
  • we shorten charging time increasing the availability of a battery, thus, reducing the cost of charging a battery,
  • we lower operating costs.

We also provide all kinds of additional equipment for traction batteries, such as:

    • BFS (Battery Filling System),
    • ESS (Electrolite Stirring System),
    • connection cords, specialized plugs and sockets, etc.

In the plant we equip new custom-made batteries in the Electrolite Stirring System (ESS) and Battery Filling System (BFS); we can also supply ESS and BFS systems to batteries already in operation.