Battery Filling System (BFS)

BFS (Battery Filling System) reduces operating costs and increases availability of a battery by automatic simultaneous supplementing of water in all cells of a battery. The need of electrolyte filling in lead acid traction cells is mainly due to water loss during battery operation. Water refilling provides a sufficient level and density of the electrolyte and is a crucial factor in battery life. All of the types of PzS and PzB traction cells produced by BATER can be equipped with elements of BFS.


BFS elements:

  • plugs with a floats have a valve carrying gases away from the cell (placed in each cell),
  • flexible PVC pipe system connecting all battery cells,
  • single-point (central) quick coupler of the system triggering BFS to a certain level in all cells

Advantages of BFS

  • reduction of servicing time,
  • increasing the availability of a battery,
  • reduction of the cost of battery maintenance,
  • extending battery life,
  • elimination of water spilling into the cell and a battery tray,
  • rapid diagnosis of battery electrolyte level,
  • limiting the possibility of electrolyte leakage into the tray,
  • elimination of the source of to a certain level battery tray corrosion.


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