OPzSCa Optima Classic Reserve Batteries

BATER is a manufacturer of complete OPzSCa Optima reserve batteries, that is stationary batteries with a liquid electrolyte, a positive armour plate made of PbCa alloy, and a life span of 25 years, compliant with DIN40736. We manufacture OPzSCa Optima cells and battery bases using the latest technological advances. Our batteries are long-living, reliable and cheap. The use of RecPlug1 standard recombination plugs allowed us to minimise the need for water refills. The recombination plugs have also reduced the room ventilation requirements, which significantly reduced the service costs and costs related to the construction of a battery room.


Our batteries are made of:

  • the best quality acid cells with a liquid electrolyte, manufactured at the BATER plant in Gliwice,
  • bases coated with the highest anti-corrosion resistance coatings manufactured in the BATER plant in Warsaw,
  • patented recombinant plugs eliminating hydrogen emission and water loss, manufactured at the BATER plant in Warsaw.

We manufacture a complete series of OPzSCa Optima stationary batteries compliant with DIN 40736, consisting of:

  • 2V cells with capacities from 107Ah to 3340Ah,

OPzSCa Optima batteries – key features:

  • long life span of 25 years resulting from the use of the highest quality materials and the latest production technology,
  • good cycling,
  • low internal resistance value resulting from the use of the best components (e.g. separators) from renowned world manufacturers,
  • low self-discharge level <3%/month,
  • very low water consumption due to the use of PbCa alloys and a patented recombination plug (the need for water refill once every 12-15 years) ,
  • fast and easy control of the electrolyte level thanks to transparent vessels,
  • high level of safety and mechanical strength of the battery,
    • cell vessels are manufactured by a leading European manufacturer; they are made of SAN plastic resistant to low and high temperature,
    • a lid with a reliable sealing of the polar pins prevents the loss of electrolyte,
    • the battery bases are made of steel and coated with a polyethylene coating applied by fluidisation; the coating is resistant to impact, acid and weather conditions,
    • the highest quality flexible connectors and bolts connecting the battery cells are fully insulated and provide full protection against short circuits.

BATER OPzSCa Optima batteries are characterised by HIGH PERFORMANCE, which allows us to:

  • lower the preservative current value and minimise the loss of energy generated during the use of the battery,
  • shorten the charging time, and thus, increase the availability of the battery, thereby reducing the cost of battery charging,
  • reduce maintenance costs.

OPzSCa Optima batteries – application

OPzSCa Optima stationary batteries are used as an emergency power source in telecommunications, power industry, industry, hospitals, public utilities and for railway. Due to their high reliability, they constitute a reliable source of power for operating theatres, telecommunications facilities, data processing centres, control and protection devices in power plants and switchboards, emergency lighting systems and many other systems with the highest degree of responsibility.

OPzSCa Optima batteries – cell structure

  • assembly of negative plates.The negative plate is made in pasting technique that guarantees high porosity of the active substance. Positive and negative plate grates are die-cast of PbCa alloy with the addition of substances preventing the formation of crystalline structures. This ensures homogeneousness of the lead alloy in the entire grate. In the OPzSCa Optima cells, the plates are additionally inserted into a special Sireg grate that prevents the active substance from falling out and short-circuits,
  • assembly of positive plates connected by a bridge
    The plate is made of PbCa alloy with the addition of substances preventing the formation of crystalline structures. The core is die-cast. This ensures homogeneousness of the lead alloy in the entire core. The positive plate is an armoured (tubular) plate, which means that the compacted active substance (PbO2) is placed in special tubes (dynels) made of polyester fibres and hardened in the impregnation process, closed at the bottom with a plug. This design ensures excellent penetration of the electrolyte through the tube walls, while preventing the active substance from sinking to the bottom of the vessel. The tubes are wet filled which ensures homogeneousness and repeatability of cell parameters
  • separators from the reputable manufacturer, i.e. Daramic
    The separators insulating positive plates from negative plates are made of microporous polyethylene with low electrical resistance. They are characterised by high resistance to sulfuric acid, elevated temperature and aging processes,
    polar pins with special sealing
    corrosion-resistant, made of lead alloy, with a brass core reducing resistance and increasing the maximum current value; special sealing ensures tightness and movability of the pin,
    intercell connectors
    made of copper, rigid, completely insulated, bolted with insulated bolts with a measuring hole,
    vessel and lid
    The vessel is made of transparent, high strength SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile) plastic. The lid is made of grey high strength ABS plastic. The vessel and lid are sealed tightly. Acid-resistant rubber seals around the bolts prevent electrolyte losses during transportation and operation,
    RecPlug1 standard recombination plug
    In recombination plugs, hydrogen and oxygen are recombined to form water. The plugs prevent hydrogen emissions into the environment, which prevents explosions, virtually eliminates the need for water refills and reduces ventilation requirements in the battery room. On request, alternatively, we also equip the cell with ceramic plugs with bayonet fastening. The plugs allow the excess gas to escape from the inside of the cell and prevent the flame from reaching the cell,

Dimensions and technical parameters
Ambient temperature +20 °C

Cell type .....................................

OPzSCa Optima
Rated current [V]
Q10 Capacity (2)

Uk=1.80V/cell [Ah]
Q5 Capacity Uk=1.75V/cell [Ah]Q3 Capacity

Uk=1.75V/cell [Ah]
Q1 Capacity

Uk=1.67V/cell [Ah]
Qrated Capacity (1)

Uk=1.80V/cell [Ah]
Charging currents

Irated (1) [A]
Length L [mm]Width W [mm]Height H [mm]Mass without

electrolyte ± 5% [kg]
Mass with

electrolyte ± 5% [kg]
(1) Rated parameters – Q10 capacity and I10 current determined in accordance with DIN EN 60896-11:2003,
(2) Q10 capacity after 10th cycle


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